Oh, to be part of The Money Team! Floyd Mayweather Opens a New Window. flew all the way to Iceland for just one night simply to take photos — for Instagram.

“Floyd flew to Iceland on a private jet to take pictures for Instagram. He flew back right after that,” a source told Us Weekly on Tuesday, October 2. “It’s just him and some members of his team. He didn’t even spend the night.”

Seems as though the trip was a successful one. The professional boxer, 41, took to the app to show off some off some great views from the Blue Lagoon — and there’s no question why it’s one of the 25 wonders of the world. “Life is all about experiencing different things. So, I decided to come check out Iceland. It is one of the most sought out countries for hot springs,” he captioned a video . “What better place than the Blue Lagoon to experience first while in Iceland.” In another shot, he poses Opens a New Window. in the geothermal spa with cream on his face. In another captioned, “I’m on paycation!!! It’s always gang green,” the boxing promoter poses with piles of cash.

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